Your Signature

I’m not really sure the average individual understands just how important ones signature is. By affixing it to anything you are marking your own personal mark that you agree to terms and conditions, accept the work, agree to pay, etc… There are a multitude of legal reasons to sign a document.

What bothers me is the nonchalant attitude people take with signing something. Although efforts have been made to reduce the amount of captured signatures I still a fair bit of them come through the pharmacy.

Let’s start with the obvious doctors signature. Most prescribers have switched to an e-scribe system of some kind, but due to legal requirements on certain medications a wet ink signature is still required and some doctors choosing to still be old school. Both of which I deal with, but if it looks like you took a seizure while signing is where the issue comes in. I shouldn’t have to put on my cryptographer hat to figure out a signature. Heaven help me if the whole script is written out in the same manner because most likely I’m going to end up on the phone and have the nurse apologizing to me.

I would say that I have a bigger beef with patients just willy nilly signing during pick up. I can appreciate the fact that you may be in a hurry, but let’s make sure that your signature actually looks like a signature. A series of loops or a simple squiggly line does not constitute. It just goes to show how lazy a person is and I have to question if they do other tasks and nonsensically as their signature.

To put a fine point on this I will point out that the U.S. Secretary of Treasury has one of the most important signatures. In case you haven’t examined a bill of any denomination ever all U.S. bills have a copy of the treasurers signature. A handwriting expert works with the secretary to make sure their signature is clear and legible. Why you may ask? BECAUSE THE SIGNATURE IS WHAT MAKES THE BILLS LEGAL U.S. TENDER.


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