One of the biggest hurdles I run into on a daily basis is trying to communicate with other people. Sometimes its a language barrier, but I have learned to overcome that via several apps I have downloaded onto my smart phone, but also by learning some basic phrases in languages prevalent to my area. Although I have some skill with sign language I find it quick with pen and paper when communicating with the hearing impaired.

Another communication issue I run into is talking with those who don’t work or participate in the same industries and activities that I am part of. It can be quit frustrating sometimes trying to explain some of the more intricate parts of my job or activity, but a willing person normally allows it to be turned into a teaching experience.

My biggest gripe with communicate with people is when it breaks down. Especially when I start something need someone else to pick up the ball and run with it and then pass it back to me. Sometimes it can’t be helped because what need to be explained is too complex if its not face to face. However, when something is just blatantly ignored or there is zero information shared as to what was done so far I go a little crazy. I hate doing guess work. It normally leads to colossal fuck ups. What I require is something expressed to me as to what has transpired even if it’s “call or text me for an explanation”.


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