Sincere Laughter

Only within the last few years have I actually paid attention to someone when they laugh. Most recently have I noticed that occasionally  people that I know give a fake laugh when someone they are interacting with tries to be funny and it kinda falls flat. I really don’t like doing that myself, but to each their own.

It seems insincere and disingenuous. Both of those go directly against my moral compass and ethics. I will immediately try and steer the conversation away from a bad joke before I will even attempt a fake laugh. Just can’t do it. This may make me come off as a prick, but so be it. If your goal is to make me laugh or crack a smile the come loaded for bear other wise don’t expect much.

The only exception to this that I make is for children. The cut off is firm at 11 years old as well. I’m not going to be the one to crush the spirit of child, but you also have to start growing up at some point.


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