Delivery Service

Many businesses have at home delivery anymore. This is great and fantastic for a variety of reasons, but is also promotes laziness to a certain extent. I’m not going to harp on that, but I do have a bone to pick with consumers.

If you are expecting a delivery of any kind make sure the sidewalk, walkway, path, etc… that leads to your home is in good order. To clarify that, I mean that it is clear of debris and can easily be navigated. This rings truer in the winter when snow and ice builds up.

Although we don’t currently offer delivery at my pharmacy I did a patient a solid and delivered a medication to them. However, when trying to reach the patients home the side walk and steps were covered in ice and the steps were broken for that matter. The porch was also in questionable shape. Had I slipped and fallen my guess is they wouldn’t have had homeowners insurance to cover themselves.

My final thought is about the mail carriers. I know these people have to slog it no matter what the conditions, but what the hell. I know businesses can refuse to deliver due to unsafe conditions, but from what I remember unless there is a direct threat to life they have to make the delivery. That’s some bullshit. I would like for our letter carriers to have the ability to identify lazy homeowners/landlords and have these people cited.


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