Frauding the System

One of the hot button issues for a lot of people is when those who receive some sort of federal or state assistance abuse the system. Let’s be honest it does happen on a daily basis, but not on the level that the talking heads would have you believe. However, when people do commit fraud its normally to the tune of thousands of dollars or more.

In both of my jobs I am one of the many cogs that is kept running by funding from the state and fed  so I do my best to minimize mistakes and prevent fraud from happening. When I run into someone who actively tries to fraud the “system” and myself or my coworkers are one of the people caught up in I get especially pissed off. Cause now time has to be wasted triple checking everything just to make sure what looks like fraud really is fraud and the process of fraud reporting has to be initiated.

Just going through the B.S. checking and reporting only mildly annoys me. What gets my ire up is that fact that had we missed the fraud and it was detected else where there is a shit storm that gets thrown our way. Best case scenario is we get slapped on the wrist with a fine and the corporation picks that up. Worst case is in addition to the fine I am fired along with my immediate supervisor and we both look down the barrel of possible jail time. In addition federal and state certifications could be yanked along with funding/reimbursement funds. So you can see why it ain’t no joke.


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