Frivoulos Lawsuits

There are many rules, laws, and regulations that govern how I perform my job at both of my places of employment. Most of them I agree with, but there a handful of things that I have run into over the years that don’t make sense, but because someone decided to not use common sense at some point there is now a rule on the books about it.

Many of the tags and warning labels that are put on a variety of things are the result of some lawsuit because someone decided not to use common sense and because they had a “good” lawyer got some money out of it. Let’s examine two lawsuits of public fame.

The more recent one where a gentlemen sued Applebee’s because he was burned by the hot oils crackling off of the skillet his food was cooked on. This happened because said person bent his head over to pray before eating. Again fine, but lets examine the abandonment of common sense. First off, if I’m going to bend my head over for any reason I’m going to make sure the space it is going into is going to be free of danger. Second when you go to a restaurant most of the time you are ordering food with the expectation that it be prepared fresh and served hot(temperature) if it is that type of dish.

Finally I call bullshit on the server not telling him to be careful that it was hot. I have yet to go to a restaurant and not have the person serving me food warn me when a plate is hot. Just to play devils advocate a little, in the instance the wait person neglected to tell him that the skillet was hot there were several warning signs it was hot. Knowledge that a skillet is used for cooking. The visual of steam rising from the skillet or the oil crackling and popping up from it. Also the noise made by the escaping steam and crackling of the oils.

I’m glad the higher court judges found in favor of Applebee’s. However, not all B.S. lawsuits are thrown out. In the next instance I would like to reference the spilled coffee incident involving McDonalds.

My memory is a little fuzzy on this one, but basically because the lid wasn’t secure on a cup of coffee the individual spilled coffee on themselves in their car. As a result of this all hot beverages must have a secure lid on them, which I agree with, but also the cups clearly must display that the beverage is potentially hot. This is nonsense.

Let’s start with the fact that if you order a coffee unless its an iced coffee the expectation is that it will be a hot beverage. Secondly I think it would be common place to double check if the lid is secure because the cup is squeezed a little in order to pass the beverage along to the consumer. Finally why is your attention being diverted from operating a motor vehicle.

Just to add a little icing on the cake I remembered one of the dumbest warning stickers I have ever seen. On coolers if you look on the inside of the lid you will notice a sticker. It warns against placing small people and children inside of them and shutting the lid because of the potential for them to become trapped and suffocate. I you or your child happen to go out like that all you did was prove Darwin correct.


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