Recently NASA scientists found a planet similar to that of our own in so much that it is in the goldilocks zone and capable of supporting life. A lot of people are excited at the prospect that one day somewhere down the road we could possibly colonize that planet. I am all for boldly going where no man has gone before, but I am glad we currently don’t have the capabilities to do so.

We as human beings need to accomplish a few things on this planet first. At the top of that list would be getting along with one another. I don’t think we will ever reach a utopian society where there is no violence, but how about we cut out the stupid shit like starting wars over religion or resources.

Secondly we need to figure out how to take better care of our planet. In our current situation we only have one shot at it. In the event that we figure out the technology that would allow us to travel to another planet lets make sure that the one we currently reside on is something we can return to just incase we are wrong. Also, because its the right thing to do. Being the species capable of rational thought we should be the stewards of Earth so that all life forms here can enjoy and so that one day when we do run into other intelligent life we can show them just how wonderful a planet we have.


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