A Scout is….Friendly

Alright I am officially throwing out using the Merriam-Webster dictionary definitions. I think they are subtracting more than adding to the points I am trying to make.

In all seriousness I challenge anyone to find me a scout this is not friendly. Everyone does have their bad days, but time and again I have watched both scouts from multiple generations no matter how difficult or challenging a situation may be try their best to maintain some level of friendliness. It is one of the hallmarks of scout spirit.

A Scout is……Helpful

Starting with the Merriam-Webster dictionary definition of helpful, it means to; making it easier to do a job, deal with a problem, etc. : giving help: willing to help other people. To put a fine point on how being a scout being helpful is we just are.

The scout slogan is “Do A Good Turn Daily”. Just so we can fulfill our slogan a scout is always on the lookout for some way to be helpful. In my experience most people just by nature are helpful, however, if you have a task needing done that is difficult or not so glamorous ask a scout. I’ll bet dimes against dollars they complete it without issue.

The Scout Law: Loyal

Loyalty is built off of the previous law of trustworthy. Similarly it is gained and earned over time, but once it is achieved,  loyalty is normally an unshakable force.

Again using the Merriam-Webster online dictionary loyal is defined as, having or showing complete and constant support for someone or something.

Loyalty takes on many forms to always supporting your favorite team even if its been decades since a shot at the championships. ( Chicago Cubs) Some people are fiercely loyal to specific brands or companies sometimes willing to pay a little extra for that product or service because it has been consistently what they want or need. Loyalty could also be given to a specific person or persons.

It is on this last part that some caution needs to be taken. In the same fashion that once trust is lost its dam near impossible to get back the same can be said for loyalty. This should be understood in both personal and professional relationships.

The Scout Law: Trustworthy

A Scout is…and you can probably choose a  multitude of descriptive words to define what a scout is. For my purposes I am going to take each of the 12 points of the scout law and dive into each a little bit. Every scout is expected to be able to take each part of the law and describe what it means to them.

According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary trustworthy is defined as, able to be relied on to do or provide what is needed or right : deserving of trust. To simplify that, being able to take someone at their word.

I consider trust one of the most important things a person can have and earn. I am also going to guess that the founders were of the same mind being that Trustworthy was the first of the scout laws.

Trust is a corner stone of any relationship whether it be personnel or professional. Once it is lost it is almost impossible to get it back. I have some words of wisdom that I share with people every so often especially if I am going to be working with them for the first time. “Respect is earned. That will come with time. However, trust I will give you a little bit to start with. It’s kind of like rope I’ll give you just enough slack to hang yourself with.”To translate I will willingly give trust, but only enough to where the only person hurt if its broken is the person who I gave it to.

Some people might say that I have some trust issues. I might be inclined to agree, but ever since I have enacted that policy my personal and professional relationships tend to be stronger.

The Scouting Way…

Having been involved with scouts since I was 8 years old I have learned a thing or two over time. Aside from vast amounts of first-aid, out door survival, and citizenship skills scouting also helps one learn to think outside the box more efficiently.

There’s a saying that gets floated around every once in a while. “There’s the right way, the wrong way, and then there’s the scouting way.” Basically what I boils down to is we have learned the correct way to do things, the incorrect way (what not to do), and alternative methods on how to quickly and efficiently achieve our goal.

I would also like to point out that the scouting way isn’t always correct either. Depending on the goal one is trying to achieve sometimes only has one way to get the desired result.

That Favorite Old T-Shirt

I’m pretty sure that most people have that favorite old beat up t-shirt. When it comes to me I happen to have several shirts that I find to fit without issue and are always comfy. However, most of these shirts are starting to reach the end of their life. If my fiancée, mother, and sister have anything to say about it they would put them all in a box, dowse it in gasoline, and light it on fire. I have also threatened life and limb so they are being left alone for now.

These shirts I speak of are from previous boy scout summer camps as a youth. There is some sentimental value attached to them as well as fit and comfort.

The shirts are actually in pretty rough shape or worse. Most of the seam threads are giving or haven already disintegrated. Some of them look like I took a couple of rounds of bird shot as well. Realistically I probably should get rid of them, but until they basically fall of my  body I will continue to wear the bejezuz out of them.

Get Your Damn Flu Shot

For a little over the 24 hours I have been ill. Pretty sure it was the flu based on the fever and body aches I was experiencing. Most people I know will tout this as evidence as to the flu shot didn’t work. I would call them an idiot and use this as evidence as to why it did work.

Prior to when I would get my yearly vaccine when I would get the flu I would be out of commission for at least 3 days. Now I am normally on the mend by the end of the second day. Even if its a strain of the flu I was not vaccinated against my body has a better fighting chance because it has learned to defend itself against similar strains.

If you haven’t gotten your vaccine by now I have to question as to what the hell you are waiting for. There are at least 2 more months of colder weather to go and most states have been at or above high risk classification since the start of the new year. When the CDC compiles the seasons data and the number of related deaths is somewhere in the thousands I will inevitably go on a tirad.

By the by. This isn’t my rant about anti-vaxers either. I have several salvo’s to launch against you assholes.