A Scout is…Thrifty

Just to clarify what thrifty is I will start with the Merriam-Webster online dictionary definition; managing or using money in a careful or wise way. There is a reason personal management is an eagle required merit badge. One of the most important things any person can learn is how to manage their money in a responsible manor and it is also one of the hardest things to accomplish as well.

For as excellent as the average U.S. school district may be time and again they normally fall short in this department of teaching young adults on how to use the banking system for one and how to manage ones money. This is where scouting has learned to fill the gap. The Eagle Scout required merit badge of personal management goes into great depth of learning to manage ones money and the different parts of the U.S. banking system. Most troops take this a step further with each scout having their own personal account in which some of the funds raised from the different yearly fund raisers goes directly back to the boy which can be used to help with any cost he may incur from scouting.

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