Online Buisness Websites

So my fiancée and I are in the process of selecting the miscellaneous services we will need for our wedding. In specific we are concentrating on a photographer at the moment, but my point goes for any service that potentially would be used by a couple for a wedding or even for a party of some kind in general.

As we comb through the results of Google searches and recommendations from friends and families I am starting to notice two very specific things. The first is being a lack of price listings. I know this is a business tactic more than anything, but I find this annoying. I can shop at any number of online retailers and see the item they are selling with a price listed no problem, but when it comes to services there’s a big nothing most of the time.

This is a business model that most places use in order to get your information so they can “talk” to you about their services and ultimately dance around the price. If they don’t have a price listed anywhere they can basically establish whatever baseline they wish and “adjust” it from there. In my opinion this a bunch of happy horse shit. If you are a business worth your salt all your prices will be listed with a base for each package you offer and an explanation of additions that can be added with their prices as well. That way when I do decided to contact you time and money is not wasted because I know what package I wish to choose and extras I may wish to add. I am always going to anticipate some sort of sales pitch for the next package up or some other extra which is fine, but let’s cut the BS and get back to brass tacks.

The second thing I am noticing is some businesses online presence sucks. The first red flag is the cookie cutter websites. I know that not everyone has the budget for a custom designed website, but when 3 businesses have websites that look almost identical it becomes a little discouraging. Another warning flag is old information on the page. I’m ok with the strike line through information because it may need to be maintained for whatever reason, but when packages are still advertised and it labeled from two or more years ago there’s a problem. If your packages haven’t changed that’s fine, but let’s hit the edit button and get the year updated. If you are relying on a webmaster to maintain your site and they have failed to update your site for over a year; A. Fire them. B. Who the hell is doing quality control?

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