Who Love’s Orange Soda?

If you get the reference from the title then my guess is that you had a pretty awesome childhood. You’ll have to excuse our temporary departure from the examination of the scout law, but I’ve been inspired today.

To  start I have greatly limited my soda intake in order to help control my weight, but I do allow myself a soda type beverage once a week. Today I chose to invoke that privilege and got myself a fountain soda, a mountain dew to be exact. I’m not sure what the exact science is behind the fountain poured soda, but I find that it gives any kind of soda its best taste.

I understand that bottled sodas are mixed and poured with great consistency, but something about the mixing at the fountain between the soda syrup and carbonated water gives it a significantly better taste. I would tend to think that it has something to do with the ready made freshness factor.

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