That Favorite Old T-Shirt

I’m pretty sure that most people have that favorite old beat up t-shirt. When it comes to me I happen to have several shirts that I find to fit without issue and are always comfy. However, most of these shirts are starting to reach the end of their life. If my fiancée, mother, and sister have anything to say about it they would put them all in a box, dowse it in gasoline, and light it on fire. I have also threatened life and limb so they are being left alone for now.

These shirts I speak of are from previous boy scout summer camps as a youth. There is some sentimental value attached to them as well as fit and comfort.

The shirts are actually in pretty rough shape or worse. Most of the seam threads are giving or haven already disintegrated. Some of them look like I took a couple of rounds of bird shot as well. Realistically I probably should get rid of them, but until they basically fall of my  body I will continue to wear the bejezuz out of them.


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