Get Your Damn Flu Shot

For a little over the 24 hours I have been ill. Pretty sure it was the flu based on the fever and body aches I was experiencing. Most people I know will tout this as evidence as to the flu shot didn’t work. I would call them an idiot and use this as evidence as to why it did work.

Prior to when I would get my yearly vaccine when I would get the flu I would be out of commission for at least 3 days. Now I am normally on the mend by the end of the second day. Even if its a strain of the flu I was not vaccinated against my body has a better fighting chance because it has learned to defend itself against similar strains.

If you haven’t gotten your vaccine by now I have to question as to what the hell you are waiting for. There are at least 2 more months of colder weather to go and most states have been at or above high risk classification since the start of the new year. When the CDC compiles the seasons data and the number of related deaths is somewhere in the thousands I will inevitably go on a tirad.

By the by. This isn’t my rant about anti-vaxers either. I have several salvo’s to launch against you assholes.


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