Medication: Ibuprofen

Ibuprofen better known by its trade of Motrin is a NSAID. Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug. Over the counter it is available as 200mg tablets and a liquid for children. As a prescription it is available as 400, 600, and 800mg. I can say with much certainty that the prescription strengths are a bunch of shenanigans. Most patients who need some sort of chronic anti-inflammatory medication do not use it because of how much it could beat up on the gastro intestinal system.

Lets circle back to the fact that it is available OTC in the 200mg dose. On several occasions I have taken 3 to 4 tablets at once for my aches and pains that. They are relatively small and easy to swallow. As you increase in strength the tablet size increases as well. This is a complaint I hear from patients on a weekly basis about not being able to swallow due to large tablet size. I guess it is convenient to only have to swallow one tablet, but to that I say suck it up and just swallow more of the smaller dose tablets.

If you look at the cash cost of just getting 15 tablets of the higher strength doses it is equal to or more expensive than a 500 count bottle of store brand ibuprofen. I’m all for filling prescriptions. Means more man hours in the budget, but honestly I think this is just another way to pad the bottom line. That and wasted money dolled out by the insurance companies.

What I am getting at here is just buy the bulk bottle of ibuprofen. Most manufacturers are good for about 2 years so the 12 bucks you are fronting will go a long way.

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