Say It To My Face

Ladies and Gents,

If you have a problem with the way someone does something or with something they said have a conversation with them. Face to Face. Going behind their back or over their head is one of the worst things you can do.

Not being able to hold a candid conversation with the individual only perpetuates the problem and honestly makes you look like a “Nancy”. In the one rare instance where a person had an issue with the way I performed a task and just went right to my supervisor instead of talking to me about it first was an immediate voiding of all respect and trust I had for said individual.

I’m not really sure where peoples need for subterfuge comes into play with situations like this, but what is it to have a one on one like a normal mature human being. It baffles me.


Everyone’s Favourite Canadian

P.S. This is not aimed at anyone in specific, but recently I have seen a rise in similar situations especially after hearing about a specific one today.


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