Things to Always Have

Gentlemen this one is intended for you. Ladies feel free to take notes. There are a few things in my few brief years on this planet that I have learned to always keep on my person at all times. Wallet, phone, and keys are normal everyday items for most people. I want to be more specific.


This item comes at the suggestion of my father and grandfathers. Not really intending for it to be used for nose blowing, but if needed for such then use. I carry it more for if I’m working hard at something to mop the sweat off my brow. In the instances that blood is coming out of your body for some reason it could help cease the flow of it. Also in a pinch if a towel of some kind isn’t available it could be used to wipe ones hand off. In the rare instance of tears it could be used to dry those up as well.


You don’t need to be a smoker to carry a lighter around with you. This probably has more to do with being a Boy Scout more than anything else, but I consider having one with me at all times a necessity. Occasionally someone will ask for a light and the awkward “I don’t smoke” statement could be avoided. It also helps to have one handy for lighting candles. This is a 2 fold reason.

A: When it comes time to light the birthday candles it always seems that matches or a lighter can never easily be found.

B: In the instance the power goes out lighting a candle is ten times easier when all you have to do is fish the lighter out of your pocket than when you are looking for one or a pack of matches from the utility drawer.

Pocket Knife.

It doesn’t need to be anything substantial. The 1&½ inch folding gentlemen’s pocket knife should do well for most. It makes opening packages significantly easier. I also occasionally find myself needing to cut twine.

Note Book and Pen.

Yes, I am aware, but the note book is pretty useless with the pen. I find it significantly beneficial to have something to write things on. I am constantly writing ideas down for future blog topics, my “To-Do” list is always being updated; I may come across something I want to further research later, events are always popping up so Ill need to write it down to add to my date book later. There’s also the possibility that I’ll need to write something down to give to someone else. Honestly, the reason to have a little notebook and a writing implement is endless.


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