Wait I was listening to That!

I’ve actually uttered that phrase because I was listening to decent music while I was on hold and then someone picked up. When it comes to hold music it is normally feast or famine. Most of the time it is some prerecorded generic crap music that your communications provider has installed as part of the software. In rare instances you run across the business/office that has invested some money in their communications equipment and the local soft rock radio station is piped through while you wait to speak with a human.

My problem is the automated hold system that reminds me every 2&½ seconds that “We value your service and know that you are busy and someone will be right with you.” No shit Sherlock. I get more annoyed at that constantly parroted than I do the shitty hold music. What’s worse is when it keeps interrupting a decent song. When I am on hold extend that please continue to hold reminder to somewhere around the 40 second mark. Personally, I wouldn’t mind hearing the reminder between songs, but I think most people would forget/ give up if the reminder wasn’t more frequent.

Bottom line here is less reminders better tunes.


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