Airsoft: Comfort Part II

Time to get back to some airsoft talk. I last left off my thoughts about comfort at the waist so lets continue moving up the body. So looking at the torso area you have a few basic options.

1. Plate carrier.

2. Chest Rig.

3. Zip Front Vest

Again depending on the role you are fulfilling will dictate your choice. I started with a vest, but ended up with switching to a plate carrier because of the greater coverage area it give in providing an extra layer to protect against bb hits, but also for greater pouch customization.

Moving out to the arms some people like to use full or partial arm guards. I haven’t found a reason to use them, but it depends on the look your are going for and the protection you want. Elbow pads are another consideration. In the roles I normally play in I don’t really have a need for them, but if you find yourself in the prone position a lot it is something to think about. Finally your hands. This is a safety issue as much as it is a comfort issue, but I strongly suggest some sort of gloves. The amount of suckage when getting hit in the fingers with a round is right up there with hitting your funny bone. Also, if it is an outdoors op there is temperature to consider as well.

Moving up to the neck. I have yet to see someone actually wear a neck guard, but from my time as a hockey goalie I felt it wise to include. Otherwise one of the best items I have found to wear is a shemagh. It provides protection for your neck, wicks away some of your sweat, can help keep the wire for your coms out of the way, and helps maintain body heat in colder environments.

Just a reminder that goggles are a must just find the pair that works best for you. Also, another reminder is that although not a requirement I highly suggest this piece of equipment. Although they normally aren’t all that comfortable, yes I am aware we are taking about comfort here, it can be adapted so that it is comfortable.

Finally the top of your head. There are a cajillian different options here from nothing at all to full on riot helmet. It all depends on the role your are playing or look you are trying to mimic, but my suggestion is to wear something. It’ll provide some help to protect against impacts and in colder environments help maintain body heat and wick away sweat.


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