The Drive-Thru

Right as I earned my drivers learners permit I started working at Burger King. After a few short months of sweating my ass off working the fryers I was trained to work the registers and shortly from there was put on the drive-thru as well. As enjoyable as it was to be out from behind the fryer I quickly learned that interacting with the public required different tactics and that the drive-thru was sometimes more of a punishment than a privilege.

During the summer and intermittently throughout the school year as breaks would allow I also worked construction. It is during that time that I would  help build the pharmacy where I would later work. While constructing the building I would see the prints and what I thought was just going to be a large bay window for the pharmacy because it was only the door and window overlay turned out to be the drive-thru.

Knowing the unique difficulties that drive-thru customers sometimes have or can create I felt prepared to deal with still having a drive-thru component. What I was not prepared for was people not treating the pharmacy was the modicum of respect it deserves, but having the same mentality of the get it done yesterday that the fast food drive-thru had. We will fill medications as quickly as possible for patients, but not at the sacrifice of safety.

Within the past year or so I have stopped trying to do the dumb ass dance of telling people how busy we are and I will try to do it quicker and now plainly state that this isn’t (insert randomly chosen fast food chain here). What’s worse is that the powers that be would rather us treat it like a fast food drive-thru.

When looking back the pharmacy drive-thru was created to help the patient who is in pain or has a disability that makes getting in and out of their vehicle a not so easy task. For the patient who has some sort of pathogen and doesn’t wish to infect the other patients and staff by coming inside. To these people I say a special thank you. And finally for those with children who are either asleep or are sick and bringing them inside probably isn’t a kosher idea. All of this I agree with and maybe a handful of other exceptions.

I’m going to bottom line this. Using the pharmacy drive-thru is a privilege not a right.


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