Hitting the Reset Button

Ladies and Gents take out your steno pads and pencils, clearly you lost your notes from last year. During open enrollment your chose to either renew or change your insurance. As a result of this you most likely got new insurance cards. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILTY TO UPDATE THIS INFORMATION WITH ALL YOUR PROVIDERS. THIS INCLUDES THE PHARMACY.

Crystal balls are not standard pharmacy equipment so we will not be pulling a “miss cleo” to guess at your benefits. Although I am one with the force my Jedi powers do not give me the foresight to see your ID number. I will say that my company has equipped us with tools to help search out the information because we do understand that the insurance companies sometimes do a less than stellar job on getting the new cards to people in a timely manner. However, it doesn’t guarantee that we can see. Your insurance provider has to participate and correctly load your information in the search databases.

Since it is the beginning of the year it is also important to remember that DEDUCTIBLES AND PREMIUMS RESET. Yes, we realize that your pay X amount of dollars per paycheck/month to have insurance, but much like car insurance unless you pay a lot up front you will have at least a deductible to take care once you need to use the insurance.

I also ask for some patience. There are a lot of changes happening all at once in the beginning of the year. Although we are aware of a lot it we don’t know why everything has changed to what it has. We will fix and find you answers as quickly as possible, but remember you are most likely not the only person having issues.


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