Airsoft: Comfort

Alright so what I consider the second thing to consider when putting your airsoft kit together is comfort. Some of this will also play into safety as well.

Let’s start from the ground and work our way up. One thing to remember is for every piece of gear you choose that’s the weight you are going to have to carry. With that in mind let start with the feet.

Socks…….wear them. Make sure the sock will cover the same area the boot is. Wearing ankle socks with boots that come up high on your shin is asking for some rub burn issues. I also recommend wearing socks with extra padding on the feet soul area. I find it cuts down on fatigue, add foot comfort, and reduces end of op pain.

Boots…..wear them. There are many safety reasons to wear them, but comfort is key as well. You will be running around in them for 5 or more hours based on the op. Please remember to break them in. One optional thing for the boots may be inserts of some kind.

Moving up the leg lets look at the shin to knee area. I like to wear just knee pads mostly to save my knees some wear and tear, but also to save my pants some wear and tear as well. If you opt for the combat pants with knee inserts you need to accept the fact that the fabric holding the inserts in place will eventually break apart. Some people like to wear shin protectors along with knee pads. It honestly comes down to your role choice and how aggressive a player you are.

Continuing up to the waist area. Regardless of the role you chose to play I strongly suggest wearing some sort regular belt of suspenders to help hold your pants up. You will be moving around a lot and they will loosen up. I can also suggest a battle belt of some kind on top of it. Even if it’s just another belt to further help hold your pants up. Depending on your role and kit choice you might also find yourself putting pouches, side arm holsters, extra mag holders, etc… on it.

Although I don’t personally use one I have run across a player or two that have chosen to wear some protection over their sensitive neather regions. I see this as more of a safety option, but whatever helps you feel more comfortable while playing is always a plus to me.

After some thought comfort is going to have to be split into two posts. Too many thoughts to share and I only made it to the waist area.


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