Airsoft: Safety

In  the sport of airsoft safety is paramount. We are slinging 6mm plastic pellets at each other at a high rate of speed using mock weaponry. Common sense is a key factor, but because I take nothing for granted I’m going to spell it out.

At the bare minimum there are 2 pieces of gear that every player must have.

1. Full seal goggles.

2. Boots

Just in case you missed it the first time around I’ll say it again……WE ARE SLINGING 6MM PLASTIS BB’S AT EACH OTHER. YOU WILL SHOOT YOUR EYE OUT. There is not a field on the face of the planet that will let you step foot on it without eye protection and just about everyone has the full seal mandate. Your goggles will also need to meet the ANSI Z87.1 impact standards. Google it for further information I’m not doing everything for you like your mother does.

The reason they need to be full seal is to maximize protection to your eyes. When the plastic is a flyin’ these things tend to get everywhere. You’ll find out when you take your gear off at the end of the day and clean things and wonder how in the hell a BB got in there.

The second most important safety item you’ll need to have is a sturdy pair of boots. Indoor or outdoor areas doesn’t matter to me. WEAR BOOTS. They’ll take the beating you most certainly will issue them and spare your feet and ankles a lot of potential injury. I get that your sneakers are comfortable, but tough shit cupcake. You want a boot with excellent ankle support. One of the most painful experiences you will ever endure is rolling an ankle.  The day trekking/hiking low top boots are not going to cut it. Find something that comes probably about half way up on your shin with laces about as far thus maximizing your ankle support.

Now that the must haves are covered lets talk about some additional safety things I can suggest as well. In addition to the full seal goggles I suggest looking into a full face mask. There are lots of integrated units on the market or you could cobble together whatever you like. I happen to like my teeth and my fiancée would kill me if I did any permanent damage to my face while airsofting so a full face cage isn’t optional for me. Most indoor places have this as mandatory anyway so just get use to it now.

Don’t wear short sleeve/pant anything. Getting hit with a BB does hurt less than getting hit with  a paintball round, but it still hurts none the less. Provide some minimum protection for your skin to minimize the impact welt. Besides if you are running through the woods pants would help protect against poisonous plants and long sleeved tops help prevent a tick issue.

There are many more safety tips I could throw out there, but I think my point has been made. One thing to remember though is to check the rules and regulations of the field you will be playing at. There is nothing worse than being ejected from a match for not following safety guidelines. They are there to help protect everyone and to help maximize fun.

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