North Korea

I’m not up to date on the geo/political status the North Korea has with other parts of the world, but as far as I can tell they have no love for America. That’s fine by me so my question is why fuck with us? I know that we have mostly cut the them off in terms of trade and aid, but last I checked that’s also as a result of sanctions from the UN so just about every other major power has told them NO.

Whenever they rattle their saber it’s like a little Chihuahua barking at a St. Bernard. Honestly it is beyond why at any point we would let North Korea dictate anything that goes on in this country. I realize the recent cyber attack scared the shit out of Sony, but they buckled way to easy. We should have immediately retaliated. I’m not sure what we could have hacked that would have been of value, but maybe shut down their YouTube for an hour so Kim Jong Un and company can’t watch himself do gangman style.

This is probably one of my more ill formed rants, but a lack of decent sleep and an inability to comprehend why some clandestine cyber didn;t just reach out and give North Korea’s cyber infrastructure “The People’s Elbow” is beyond me.

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