Psychics are a bunch of bullshit. I could end the post right there, but why would I deny you goodly folks my thoughts on these charlatans. Frauds are exactly what psychics are. Psychics pray on the weak minded. It has been proven time and again how easy it to do what they do. If you believe what they say for more than a heart beats worth of time then please check yourself into the nearest psychiatric center for a full evaluation.

Sorry guys I could only find parts 1 & 3, but I think Penn and Teller get the point across.

I would seriously rather see someone light a pile of money on fire than hand it over to one of these idiots. The light and heat generated by the fire is of greater value than the nonsense these people claim to know. Yet on a daily basis, people willingly hand some of their money to psychics, sometimes to the tune of thousands of dollars, just to learn to some vague nonsense about the future or “communicate” with a loved one that has passed. If you are willing to pay for that then I have a bridge in Brooklyn that you’ll want to buy as well.

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