Ladies and Gents,

You are allowed to have emotions. Its part of being human. Anyone who says other wise is an idiot and was probably denied desert as a child. Happy, sad, excited, angry, what have you. If you want to  be a cackling buffoon like the Joker is 24/7 then go for it. Let your freak flag fly.

What you don’t want to do is bottle everything up inside to the point where it can no longer be contained and everything explodes all at once. It’s not healthy and it can normally lead to an embarrassing situation once the lid does pop off. I promise feeling something won’t hurt you.

People sometimes don’t display the correct emotion, well what would normally be deemed correct, for a given situation and its most likely because it’s not a situation they are used to dealing with. Give them a few beats to get it together and I’m sure everyone will be on the same page.  Relax people.


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