In my opinion there is a severe lack of it going on in just about every professional field. I am both an educator and work in the medical world and it just blows my mind as to what goes on.

It saddens me when I watch one pier squabble with another over what normally turns out to be some bullshit reason. On more than one occasion I have pulled someone aside and informed them they need to act like an adult.

I do agree with the a statement said to me years ago, “Always look out for number 1”. I take that to mean always do your best, not screw the other guy. Here’s what I think everyone needs to do at their chosen profession.

1. Show up 5 minutes early.

Its amazing how much of a chore just showing up at all is for some people let alone on time. The reason I say 5 minutes early is so that you can get in and get settled to start the day and maybe something important can be relayed to you so you can dive right into a task and not stumble off the starting block.

2. Give 110%.

Again it surprises me at just how difficult some people find it just to do their job description. The way I see it is if you walk and always bring your “A” game you will quickly master your job and find yourself with time to do or help with other tasks. You may not think it, but trust me your supervisor does notice. I also understand that operating 100% all the time is unrealistic because even the best high performance cars can’t keep the throttle pinned all the time. What I’m saying is to always strive for a little better than what you are currently doing.

3. Learn to play well with others.

Unless you are the soul proprietor and operator of your business you are going to have to work with other people. Even then you still have suppliers and buyers of your product. In any work environment you will have to interact with other human beings at some point. Being a well greased cog in the big machine you are part always helps especially when there are a lot of moving pieces.

I could probably write a book on how to act in a workplace. Well maybe not a book, but at least a chapter of a self help book, but I think these three points are a good starting point.

All of my blogs are normally inspired by something that happened to me in the last 24 hours and today was no exception to that. After conversing with one of the interns I have located the primary source of the problem. It is the new generation of graduates. Part of the problem is the schools failing to properly prepare students for what will be expected of them and some of the realities of their job choice and the other is parental influence. The further away we get from the generations that grew up during WWII or were directly influenced by them the shitier the work ethic. I may painting with a broad stroke there, but I am at the minimum painting inside the lines.


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