Net Privacy

Ladies and Gents,

When it comes to the internet there is no amount of security and privacy settings that can be used to keep something completely private. The internet is public domain. Whatever picture you post or whatever statement you can make on the net, assume that anyone can get to it and that it would be just like putting it on a billboard on top of your house except, the WHOLE WORLD CAN SEE IT.

Anonymous has proven time and again that they are a set of skilled computer hackers that are capable of getting information from any given database. This is one of the worst case scenarios out there. With that being said it is possible for someone to see something you don’t want shared publicly even if its just a not so flattering photo that someone took because of how all of social media is connected. You may have your privacy settings maxed out, but someone on your friends list may not have theirs as restricted as yours and the next thing you know that photo/post is now in the wind.

Having said that I anticipate that at some point in time my BLOG posts will some day come back to bite me in the ass, but who knows. Alright every one gather round and take a seat on the magic carpet for story time.

Recently there was an incident at a local university with a specific professional class. Some students from that class made some not so smart twitter posts and some not so smart photos were also taken. Although their social media accounts were private the posts and photos were eventually brought out into the main stage and low and behold the school administration found out. As a result of this indiscretion some students were dismissed from the school and one was forced to step down from a student government position. There are hundreds of examples that happen daily but this is a recent one that happened in my own backyard that I believe exemplifies best on how Net Privacy is truly limited.

Let me hand out some sage advice that was once said to me and makes a ton of sense. ” Only post it to the internet if it is something you would be ok with your grandmother seeing.” I think our grandparents tend to be the best people to help us set our moral and ethical compasses by.

Please people, just use some common sense.


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