From my perspective there are three different forms of payment cash, plastic, and checks. If you have ever worked in a retail setting you probably hate checks as much as I do, but that would be a blog for another day. My primary point here is that if you intend to receive a good or a service of some kind don’t be surprised when you are asked for payment.

Just to clarify I don’t constantly have patients that are surprised I am asking them for money. It does occasionally happen because of insurance issues, but my problem occurs with the person who steps up the plate and didn’t bother to take the bat out of the bag or bring it with them for that matter. What is it while waiting in line either in the store or in the drive-thru to get your wallet out and take out the card you want to use, or start filling out the check, or find the bill fold.

I do my best not to waste patients time so I expect the same in return. This shouldn’t be a tall order, but for some ungodly reason it is. I know some people like to turn it into a joke, “Oh, you want money now I bet.”. It takes a lot of energy not to roll my eyes at statements like this, but I manage.

Here is what I require.

Get into a pocket routine. Place your everyday items in the same pockets everyday. When I started earning money as a teenager and began carrying more than a few bucks and the house key it probably took me all of a week to figure it out. Routing around in your pockets because you can’t remember where you stuck your wallet or money wad is not my problem and is a waste of my time and the patients you are holding up.

Ladies, you are exponentially worse when there is  a purse. I compare purses to black holes because chances are once an item enters there is no coming back. On a routinely basis they should be cleaned out of crap and inventoried. And when I say routinely fall and spring is not going to cut it. At bare minimum it should be done bi-weekly. My favorite (insert sarcasm here) is when the purse is dumped all over the counter in the endeavor to find whatever it is you need.

Finally, forgetting the payment in the car. If you can remember to put pants on in the morning then it shouldn’t be that hard to shove your wallet back into your pocket/purse when exiting the vehicle. Again you are entering as establishment anticipating receiving a product of some kind chances are there will be an exchange of funds for said item.


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