Glitter sparkles………..I would need a bottle of scotch and 8 hours to explain exactly how much I hate them and that would probably only allow me to scratch the surface. “Glitter is the herpes of the arts and crafts world.”, I constantly use that statement when dealing with them.

My hatred for them would stem from my marching band days. One of the buses we used on competition days is also the same one the cheerleaders used to travel to and from football games. Since they used copious amounts of glitter guess what got all over me, and my equipment, and uniform………GOD DAMN GLITTER. It’s such a pain in the to clean out of clothing and god forbid I would need to touch my face or anything like that. It is amazing the amount of damage a few specks of glitter can do to the piston of a trumpet.

Fast forwarding to about a week ago I had to deal with glitter yet again. While restocking our diabetic supply section I found some glitter on a box I was putting on the shelf and though nothing of it until I got to the bottom half of the container they came in, Every single box from that point forward was covered in GD glitter. Once emptied I found a broken open package of glitter on the bottom.

Anger and disappointment are the two feelings I felt for two reasons.


2. More than one person had failed at their job. The intake person failed to inspect and clean the tote, The packer accepted an unclean tote.


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