Last Second Larry

One of the things I pride myself the most on is being able to quickly adapt my work habits to a changing situation however, last second BS drives me nuts. Not knowing when an establishment closes is not the problem of the workers. All to often I hear that from patients. If you have been a patient of ours for more than 3 months i find that to be your problem, The only people I have any mercy on with coming in for a prescription at 2 minutes to close is someone who is essentially a new patient to us or someone who was recently discharge from the emergency room and has never stepped foot on our property. Other wise I expect you to act like an adult and get your shit together and figure out how to show up during normal business hours and take care of your pharmacy needs like hundreds of other adults do on a daily basis.

Having said all that it brings me to a situation I had to deal with today. After working my normal shift today I was to travel a little over 2 hours to help with an acquisition the chain I work for had recently made. My travel date had already been moved once and it looked like it was going to be moved a second time. Low and behold I was told to stand down as the project was put on hold indefinitely. Honestly fine by me, but here’s the rub. From what I understand stand one of the partners pulled a fast one with some “last minute negotiations”. This caused at least 4 different teams to be put on hold and/or stopped altogether and causing all sorts of chaos with schedules across the board.

At the end of that day I will remind everyone of a quote my drafting teacher from high school had posted prominently in his room. “A mistake on your part does not constitute and emergency on my part. Basically don’t to mess up and expect everyone to run  around to try and fix everything,


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