They say that a Sequel never holds up as good as the original. I’m pretty much in agreement with this except for Iron Man, Tony Stark/ RDJ is my man crush. Judge me how you will.

With that being said I can say with some confidence that the powers that be in Hollywood are not interested in making original content anymore. The second anything takes off almost within a year of release there are reports of a sequel. Ill point to the talks of Frozen II and the continuation of the Fast and Furious series. (RIP Paul Walker)

My other gripe with sequels is the video game industry. The Gears of War series almost ran themselves into the ground, but luckily they stopped after the Judgment release and last I checked they are looking at how to reboot the series with a fresh story line last I checked. However, the Call of Duty franchise is determined to  keep going no matter what the cost. Even with three different studios working on separate projects going forward from the most recent title release I don’t see the Fanchise standing the test of time. I think COD has been suffering some series fatigue since ghosts to the effect that I didn’t even bother picking up the most recent title. I plan to discuss series fatigue in a future Blog so stay tuned kids.

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