Dont do Drugs.

So one of the behind the counter items we sell at the pharmacy are insulin syringes. I would say maybe 5% of those sales are actually for insulin use. The rest is for, well, if you haven’t guessed by now drugs. For the better part of a week now we have not had a supply available for general sale. For whatever reason the average purchaser of the syringes does not believe us and on average will ask at least in 3 different “are you sure you don’t have any?”. Finally after about the 9th person asks us my partner turns to me and with the most sincere tone “Don’t do drugs.”

I’m sure the novelty of this is going to be lost on most people, but when you have been working in the retail setting as long as both of us it’s the simple things that make you laugh.

Do You wana build a snowman?

If you live in a region like I do that experiences all 4 season like I do, (Spring, Road Construction, Almost Winter, and Winter) then you experience this thing called snow. You know the white fluffy stuff that falls from the sky (and no I don’t mean that bundle of white stuff that fell out of the drug runners plane that one time while in Miami). For the past week or so I have been listening to people complain about how they don’t like it. MOVE! If you are truly that bothered by snow get the hell out of the area. So tired of hearing everyone bitch about. Even in the middle of summer when its 100 plus degrees out people complain about it.

I’ll make a deal with everyone. When there is a snow storm the causes our national infrastructure to come to a screeching halt for more than 72 hours. Then and only then will I be willing to listen to complaints. Until such time get your shit together. Make sure your vehicle is road worthy for the winter. Make provisions in your house so that in the event that you do get snowed in the every person in the house has enough to survive for at least a week, then add 1 more persons worth of stuff.

Other wise. Go sledding, have a snowball fight, make snow angels, build a snowman, go skiing. Snow is fun people. Hell I enjoy winter camping as much as I do summer camping.


Just the title of this entry alone is enough to make most people turn tale and run. Death…… one likes it, but it is a fact of life and we must learn to deal with it. It does not discriminate based on race, sex, origin, age, creed, etc. When our number is up our number is up. My most recent brush with it was the loss of my dog whom was my best furry friend for over a decade and was more of a little brother than anything else.

Recently I have noticed that some people are experiencing the loss of a family member. Having lost both sets of my grandparents I can sympathize with the pain they are experiencing, From my experience this unpleasant feeling will never go away, but it will fade so that it becomes an occasional reminder of the found memories of our lost loved ones.

Death is one life’s experiences that helps shape us into the person we are, but it does not have to consume us.

The Price of Fuel

In late 2002 I earned my drivers license. Around that time I believe gas was somewhere below $1.50. Currently gas is coming down in price and locally the average is $2.93. I don’t ever expect to see the price of gas back to where it was when I started driving many years ago, but who knows.

This is a plus for any persons wallet, but here is the rub. Most employers are being stingy with raises and the cost of everyday items are still on the rise. The rising cost of fuel is not an excuse anymore and most manufactures have streamlined production procedures and cut personnel. So my question here is what’s the excuse for higher costs when the overhead is clearly being cut?


So after a fruitful day of educating I have found that since I have been a student that the quality of most school supplies has declined. In specific pencils. I will preface this with your average first grader has yet to master the fine motor skills to write properly. However, with that being said based on the number of times I help students sharpen their pencil in a given day the shit quality of pencils is astounding, Either the pencil doesn’t sharpen correctly or the tip promptly snaps off/falls out. The amount of wasted time sharpening pencils or searching for a new one is astounding.

My guess is that if you haven’t stopped reading by now your asking yourself what the hell is he bitching about. My answer is two fold. Until you have taught a lower elementary class you have no idea how much anymore than 10 seconds of down time can throw your schedule off kilter. Secondly, this is just one example of why we can’t buy cheap import\s for mainline use. Its going to break or wear a lot faster than we need it to last and is just a waste of funds and time.

Common Sense

I find myself using the phrase “your talking about something that would make sense” a lot lately. I find this increase use correlates directly with the fact that use of common sense is on the decline yet again. I sincerely believe that if more people stopped and took a second to think about “what makes common sense here” a lot of the daily nonsensical problems would most likely disappear. Add in the meddling of some(ones) for a corporation (lawyers for the most part) and you can normally throw the use of common sense right out the window.

If I could figure out a way to bottle up common sense or at least get a paten on it and them maybe sell it to Pfizer I bet I would get 0 return on it. I’m thinking this will turn into a series of rants that will be titled “Does This Make Sense?”