Insurance Cards Part II

Going to start this post off with a shout out to my man Bobby D for heeding my advice from the previous Insurance post about having the ID card. You sir earned yourself a bro five.

Lets get down to business. Insurance cards can be a pain in the ass in general. I have been working for over a decade in a retail community pharmacy and still have not figured out all the little nurasaunces that come with the ID cards. The main problem comes from the lack of consistency. Not all Pharmacy Benefits managers clearly label all parts needed in order to process a claim to the insurance, and some just don’t provide a card at all. In the instance where the card isn’t separate it shouldn’t be the equivalent of the trying to crack a coded message from high command because we don’t have the enigma machine to decode it.

Here’s what really grinds my gears. There are over 50……that’s right five….zero….federal, state, and local agencies and other organizations that govern the comings and goings of pharmacies. Not a single one applies to the information placed on insurance cards. In a perfect universe the pharmacy benefits card would be separate from any other medical benefits information, have all parts clearly labeled, and honestly a barcode that could be scanned. Most pharmacies are equipped with scanners attached to all work station terminals that are multi functional so lets get it standardized.

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