So today one of my co-workers fielded a call that went something like this.

Snowed In Patient: How my name is John Doe. I’m stuck here in Buffalo and need my prescription transferred to a local pharmacy.

Terrific Tech: Not a problem let me find the store in your area.

Finds there are 3 of our companies store in the area.

The patient then begins to explain where they are located. The problem here is we are not located anywhere near buffalo and I am the only person that has ever stepped foot inside the city, but it has been about 15 years so I have no idea.

SIP: So you can’t tell me which is the closet one?

TT: No.

SIP: Do you know if they offer free delivery?

TT: No, we don’t have that information.

A few more words were exchanged and the call ended.

We moved on with our day, but lets focus on two things. Asking us how close they are to a city we are no where near or have ever been to is ridiculous. You might as well as where the Lost City of Atlantis is. (Best theory thus far is a few hundred miles off the coast of Portugal.)

Secondly what makes you think that even if they had someone there at the store that anyone is crazy enough to make a delivery run in the MIDDLE OF A GOD DAMN SNOW STORM! Even if said person was willing to the cops would turn them around quicker than shit.

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