Write It Down

If your memory isn’t all the great much like mine isn’t I suggest writing things down. Ever since graduating high school I have kept at least a small note pad on me to write down anything important I would need to keep track of or just remind myself about. If it is something really important ill also put a reminder post it on the steering wheel of my truck.

With smartphones having multiple applications to help with this it has made organizing information easier, but there are still certain instances where I find paper and pencil superior.

I also write things down to cover my own ass. Something I learned from my father from his years as a construction foreman. If something is very important, high risk, doesn’t seem quit right, or there’s a history of miscommunications write it down. Worst case scenario you have stacks of notebooks with reference notes. On more than one occasion I have been able to save myself some major headaches and kept my feet out of the fire as well simply because I wrote down information.

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