Just the title of this entry alone is enough to make most people turn tale and run. Death…… one likes it, but it is a fact of life and we must learn to deal with it. It does not discriminate based on race, sex, origin, age, creed, etc. When our number is up our number is up. My most recent brush with it was the loss of my dog whom was my best furry friend for over a decade and was more of a little brother than anything else.

Recently I have noticed that some people are experiencing the loss of a family member. Having lost both sets of my grandparents I can sympathize with the pain they are experiencing, From my experience this unpleasant feeling will never go away, but it will fade so that it becomes an occasional reminder of the found memories of our lost loved ones.

Death is one life’s experiences that helps shape us into the person we are, but it does not have to consume us.


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