So after a fruitful day of educating I have found that since I have been a student that the quality of most school supplies has declined. In specific pencils. I will preface this with your average first grader has yet to master the fine motor skills to write properly. However, with that being said based on the number of times I help students sharpen their pencil in a given day the shit quality of pencils is astounding, Either the pencil doesn’t sharpen correctly or the tip promptly snaps off/falls out. The amount of wasted time sharpening pencils or searching for a new one is astounding.

My guess is that if you haven’t stopped reading by now your asking yourself what the hell is he bitching about. My answer is two fold. Until you have taught a lower elementary class you have no idea how much anymore than 10 seconds of down time can throw your schedule off kilter. Secondly, this is just one example of why we can’t buy cheap import\s for mainline use. Its going to break or wear a lot faster than we need it to last and is just a waste of funds and time.


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